Some random pieces of code that may be of use.

Binary definitions: there is no standard format for binary numbers in C, yet they are very commonly used in embedded programming. This file simply defines preprocessor constants of the form b0101, b11110000, etc. Includes 2, 3, 4, and 8 bit constants, and an additional 8 bit set intended for small bitmaps, used in the bitmap font below.

8×8 bitmap character font: used to display text on graphical LCDs or POV displays. Requires bindefs.h above.

Driver for HD44780/KS0066U-compatible character LCDs connected through a 74595 shift register via SPI:

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  1. pournima says:

    i want to do it…i want more information about implementing.i have done MCU projects but first time,trying need more about whole project.

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