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Close stuck SSH sessions

Something I’ve been looking for as long as I’ve been using SSH is a way to force the SSH client to exit. When dealing with unreliable connections or working with embedded Linux devices, you can often end up with a SSH client that thinks it’s still logged in, and which insists on sending all keystrokes blindly into the aether until the connection finally times out.

There is a way out that doesn’t require opening another terminal to kill the SSH client: press enter, tilde (~), and then period (.), typing each as a separate keystroke. This doesn’t appear to be a well-known feature (perhaps it’s just my poor luck in looking for it), but can be quite a time saver.


A Crawl client for playing games hosted on crawl.akrasiac.org. Planned to have both text and GUI display modes, with display enhancements obtained by “scraping” information from the standard text display.

Status: Currently, essentially a crude SSH client. Most of the needed terminal emulation is implemented, and it’s possible to play a game.


  • Font loading
  • Map detection and tile display